Do you still hold your dearest dreams,

Or are they buried down beneath?

Welcome traveler to…
Dive in to the pond

The pond of dreams is story about regaining one's dreams.

Growing up, most of the times, means leaving your dreams behind.
But where do these dreams go, and why should they be forgotten?
Come and find where all these old ideas you once had lie and rescue them.
And in the meantime, rescue yourself.
Dive in to the pond

Story Fragment 001

The Pond

I dreamt of Joyce,
Love, Pride, and Peace inside my mind.
A life with no need to hide.
Until, one day, it had passed me by.
One dream, two dreams, three dreams, four;
Where Oh where could they possibly go?
«Follow the streams,» I was told.
«If you are brave,
You will find a way.»
Alas, this pond of dreams is all that is left
Oh, dear Friend,

Get in once more to live again.

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Story Fragment 002

The First Step

What do you do with the fear that you feel?

Do you let it grow roots so you can only stand still?
or do you hide under a blanket until you soak it all in?

A 2 square feet room is a lovely home to be
When there’s nothing you crave for, nor a better place to be

Now that you are here friend, I’ve got one question to whisper

Are you ready to dive into, this big pond in winter?

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Story Fragment 003

Gate Keeper

I swam and I swam across this big ocean red
Seeking the gleeful music of an infinite day
I looked at the distance with a window peek stare
Madame crab in her glory was blocking the way

You can go in both ways, But I’ll tell, you may fail
As i drown in an echo that ricochets in my head
she said the right path is left, but all that’s left it’s going straight,

She’s the preacher of the secret of a rising blockade.

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Story Fragment 004

Wise Frog

The kid is facing Madame Crab with a turmoil of doubts. When suddenly a mysterious friend approaches…

The brave spirit strives onward
as it loses itself at these enchanted crossroads.
I sat down and listened to the whispering chants
as a blinding light emerged from the shadows.

A wise frog appeared on the horizon
Full of energy, like a thousand explosions,
He spoke a few words that calmed my emotions
He said: you already have the spark, just keep on rising

Be bold and be brave, let your wild dreams unfold.
It’s time to fly, kid, time is under your control,
Be warm and be kind, let your colors bloom.
Embrace the danger and make mistakes.
And the lessons will be only your own.


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Story Fragment 005


The kid sank into the deep.

Even with the help of the Wise frog,
He thought he wouldn’t make it.

The blockage was too much for him.
He didn’t know the powers of the mystical gem
that had been given to him.

The kid asked himself:
Is this finally the end?

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Story Fragment 006


The kid finds himself wandering in the dark side of the Pond.

Beware, Beware, my good old friend.
I see you wander around, lost in space
Don’t be scared; beware of all these fiends
Keep going forward at your own exceptional pace.

Have your eyes wide open and your heart warm.
Cus, only the kindest souls will make it through the night.
You can beat all demons with the touch of a kiss
and neutralize enemies if you hold them in your arms.

Keep on walking and spreading the joy
that will save us from the darkness,
on this long cold day.

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Story Fragment 007


The kid finally managed to find his way through some dark places. At the end of the road, there was a shiny town named «Feelingsville»

I know you have been wandering around
Feeling so lost, making no sounds
but at the end of the road
there it was

Is it tho?

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Story Fragment 008


I can’t see you,
I won’t see you,
I don’t want to,
I don’t need to.

You are…
… invisible.

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Story Fragment 009


At that very moment, they become aware of his presence
The dreamer was taken to the leader.
He was seen as an intruder.
Judgment is coming.

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Story Fragment 010

The Dark Pond

The King Frog’s judgment was harsh,
and to the Dark Pond, the dreamer was sent

«What is happening to me, where i did wrong.
Everybody is doing better than me,
I need more, more and more.
I’m all alone, as I should be.
Now, my friend, darkness is all I see

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